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If you are not growing, you are dying

Budapest Business Journal, 27 March 2015 – The following article was written by Roland Keller, Business Optimisation Expert I recently needed to buy a new food cooler for a camping trip I was about to go on.  As a big supporter to local industry, I happily went to the local shop to purchase a cooler. What I found was something that shocked me.
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2015. 04. 24.

Formula 1 of Energy Industry

Budapest Business Journal, 27 March 2015 – Article by Balázs Zempléni, Director of Wholesale and Business Development at MET Power Hungary LLC. What does it take to win the Formula 1 championship? A perfect composition of professionals, strategy, dynamic teamwork, IT background and continuous innovation of cutting edge technology that increases speed, efficiency, reliability and the ability of immediate reaction. It’s no different in the energy sector, other than a bit less fanfare when...
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2015. 03. 27.

Nothing fell into our lap

Interview with Benjamin Lakatos, MET Group CEO –  Figyelő business weekly, 29 January 2015 Translation of the original Hungarian article
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2015. 01. 29.

Power companies have little room left for more price cuts

Interview with Balázs Lehőcz, CEO MET Power Group – Napi Gazdaság, 15 December 2014 Translation from the original Hungarian
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2014. 12. 15.

The true story of the big gas deal

Interview with Gergey Szabó, CEO MET Hungary – Figyelő, 11 December 2014 Translation from the original Hungarian  
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2014. 12. 11.

Fast and Accurate Number Crunching

Manager Magazine, October 2014 Balázs Gábor Lehőcz, CEO of MET Power AG, had missed out on some exciting developments when he joined MET only a year ago. And he is very sorry about that. Yet, he is not short of new challenges.
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2014. 10. 31.
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