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Mind the fYOUture

As MET continues to act as a responsible company, the goals of sustainability have become more important than ever. For this reason, MET Group has created a new environmental and social agenda – the Mind the fYOUture programme. Through this programme we are committed to ensuring that our operations comply with environmental regulations, and our colleagues are encouraged to protect our resources.
With its 25 percent stake in SwissWinds, MET Group has become an important player in the Swiss wind power industry. SwissWinds is a wind farm developer based in Valais, with various projects at different stages of development.
Precise weather forecasts are an important prerequisite for the efficient and economical operation of solar installations and wind farms. One of the reasons why MET Group decided to acquire a 25% stake in SwissWinds was the analysis of the weather and wind situation in Switzerland.
Batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy through a redox reaction, providing power for various devices.
Hungary’s largest gas-fired power station, the Dunamenti Power Plant, celebrates its 60th anniversary. Dunamenti, majority owned by MET Group since 2014, is a symbolic company in the town of Százhalombatta, some 30 kilometres from Budapest.
How do humans cause global warming? Here are the top ten contributing factors to climate change. Examples of global warming.
Biogas is a renewable energy source produced from organic waste, offering an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Learn more about biogas.
Learn about carbon dioxide quota, and a limit on greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. Companies and countries must abide by this limit.