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Energy company MET Group is now among the Top 20 companies headquartered in Switzerland according to the Top 100 list. On this list of the largest firms by revenue, MET – as one of the fastest growing energy companies in Europe – has come up from 25th to 19th place this year.
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European integrated energy company MET Group has doubled its renewable capacity target to 1 GW as it expands into Italian and Spanish solar, its head of renewables Christian Huerlimann told S&P Global Commodity Insights.
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“The issue of supply security caused by the Ukraine crisis that Europe is currently facing will speed up the green transition,” said Benjamin Lakatos. According to MET Group’s CEO, ongoing discussions about energy transition have now become more balanced.
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Europe, where the green transition is gaining increasing momentum, dreams of a carbon-neutral world. Let’s use as little fossil fuel as possible and increase the percentage of our use of renewable energy sources – however, we also need to satisfy increasing global energy demands while meeting these two objectives. MET believes we will continue to need natural gas for some time to come.
What does consumer society mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a society like that? The effects of consumerism.
What is fair trade? How does the European Union promote fair trade? The rules, policies, and achievements of fair trade in the EU.
The pollution of the environment has many different types: water, air, and soil pollution. Which challenge arises from trying to protect the environment?

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