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MET Group has a major presence in central and eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, with more than 700 permanent staff and is headquartered in Switzerland. It has revenues of over 18 billion euros and while best known for gas and electricity, its Renewables CEO, Christian Hürlimann, is leading its shift to renewables, with Italian and Spanish acquisitions.
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MET Group’s Hungarian Solar Park corporate bond, issued in December 2021, has received a green rating from Sustainalytics. The certification was contingent upon meeting the United Nations' sustainability objectives.
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MET Group firmly rejects all unfounded allegations that have been published in Bulgarian media relating to Bulgaria’s natural gas supply.
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MET Group is growing its European renewables portfolio by expanding into the Italian and Spanish markets. The Swiss-based energy company acquired a 100% stake in five greenfield solar power projects in Italy with an expected installed capacity of 213 MWp, and a ready-to-build solar power project in Spain with an expected installed capacity of 50 MWp – increasing its total portfolio to 714 MWp.
MET Group is an integrated European energy company, headquartered in Switzerland, with activities in natural gas and power markets.
What is the Kyoto Protocol? It was signed in 1997 but only came into force in 2005. What differences did it make? An overview.
The meaning of the greenhouse effect: it is a process when the Sun’s heat is warming up our planet’s atmosphere, trapping the heat.

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