Integrated trading arm of MET Group, with the purpose of portfolio supply as well as structuring, optimizing and ultimately risk managing its positions across its commodities and trading regions. Furthermore, the Division is providing market making and structured trading platform for 3rd parties as well and is having proprietary trading activities on top.

  • Primary market interface for all MET Group subsidiaries
  • Liquidity provider and structured trading platform in most European natural gas markets
  • Cross-commodity optimization of MET Group positions

A trusted and reliable partner and supplier for our end customers across Europe

  • With a strong financial standing with headquarters in Switzerland, we are the preferred and trusted reliable long-term partner and supplier of gas, electricity, and energy solutions to all size of end customers across 14 countries in Europe
  • Through one of the largest in-house energy trading floors in Europe, we offer sophisticated gas, power, and green product supply and price management services to end customers with direct access to wholesale markets
  • For small and medium business customers and households, we deliver reliable supply and customized energy solutions as a strong and credit-worthy supplier that is here to stay
  • With our pan-European integrated approach, we source our gas and electricity from markets and suppliers across Europe, delivering competitive pricing and security of supply for the benefit of our customers

What we stand for

The amount of electricity generated by renewable energy producers is expected to increase in the future, accounting for the bulk of overall energy production. In addition to maintaining supply, the sector will need to address flexibility issues as well. Flexibility assets are therefore an integral part of MET Group's strategy for supporting the energy transition, and we consider flexibility to be the "new renewable".

Hence we are operating and constantly looking at new assets that we believe we can operate efficiently, creating synergies with our existing positions. Technologies like CHP (combined heat and power) and CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) plants, or other asset types such as gas storages, batteries and aggregator platforms provide a solution to boost the flexibility of the energy market.

Areas of activity

    • Electricity and heat generation from own gas-fired and biogas power plant

    • Development and operation of virtual power plants and virtual balancing circle solutions

    • Operation and optimization of gas storage facilities

    • Development of innovative technologies (batteries, p2x) with zero carbon footprint to satisfy the ever-growing flexibility needs of transitioning energy markets

We strive to become a substantial regional green energy developer and provider in the European renewable energy market.

The goal is to create a significant, transparent, financially sound green asset – wind and solar – portfolio, resulting in positive shareholder return with reasonable risk profile via deep understanding of the energy markets. MET Group invests in ready-to-build assets and develops greenfield, and brownfield sites as well. We aim to establish 2 GW of renewable energy capacity in Europe by 2026 as part of a new push into the green energy sector.

Please find more information on our GREEN ASSETS DIVISIONS' website.