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E2 to launch in January

E2 Hungary Zrt, a joint venture utility company founded by MET Holding AG and Magyar Telekom Nyrt, will officially launch on 1 January 2016. The merging of the two companies’ client portfolios has already started with the transfer of Telekom’s complete industrial utility business into the new company, which will also supply most of MET’s current commercial clients.
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2015. 12. 04.

MET Group expands into Russia and Turkey

Energy trading group MET has opened new subsidiaries in Russia and Turkey as part of a drive to expand its presence to the East. The Turkey subsidiary will facilitate exploration of alternative energy sources and access to new markets, while new partnerships with Russian energy producers are anticipated to be highly beneficial.
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2015. 11. 03.

MET presents award for high ability educational toys

The MET Innovation and Talent Prize was awarded to a project that offers high ability education from pre-school age as part of a programme designed to raise a new generation of software engineers. The award was presented to NI Hungary Kft at the Figyelő Top 200 ceremony.
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2015. 10. 19.

Telekom–MET partnership in energy services provided for business customers

Magyar Telekom and MET signed an agreement today to establish an equally shared joint venture that will provide natural gas and electricity services primarily for business customers.
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2015. 03. 11.

Common Statement GDF SUEZ – MET

GDF SUEZ Energia Holding Hungary Zrt. is seeking to terminate its free market natural gas retail activity in Hungary as from 1st July in the best conditions. GDF SUEZ Energia Holding Hungary Zrt. and MET Hungary Ltd have signed an agreement on taking over Hungarian FM gas portfolio of GDF SUEZ. GDF SUEZ will supply natural gas for customers eligible for USP in the future, and continue its gas distribution activity also.
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2015. 02. 12.

Response to recent Hungarian media allegations

MET Group refutes the allegations about the company and some of its trade agreements that have been published in the national press and made known through political discourse in recent weeks.
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2015. 01. 16.

MET Hungary has signed agreement to take over GDF Suez’s Hungarian retail electricity portfolio

The acquisition is a result of a tender process and covers 0.5 percent of the Hungarian electricity market. Competition authority approval process is underway.
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2014. 11. 18.

MET Power AG acquires a majority stake in Dunamenti Power Plant

MET Power AG has acquired a majority stake in Dunamenti Power Plant, which will enable the plant’s continued operation.
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2014. 07. 01.

Joint Press Release by MET Group and GDF SUEZ Group

MET Group and GDF SUEZ Group entered into a contract on the transfer of a minority ownership in Dunamenti Power Plant, which could lead to the sustainable operation of the power plant. The GDF SUEZ group sold a minority share package in Dunamenti Erőmű Zrt. to MET Group on 27 February 2014.
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2014. 02. 28.

Press Release of MET Group

Refutation The article published in the Index news portal is based on information provided by anonymous sources, and incorrect in several points, thus producing false, malicious and manipulative conclusions that cast our company in a negative light.
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2014. 01. 27.
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