MET Group launched its MET Alumni Club in 2023 autumn to maintain strong relationships with departed colleagues, reconnect through different events, potentially welcome back former MET colleagues in rejoining the company and offer several benefits. MET Alumni community can experience networking, career and knowledge sharing opportunities, Alumni events and a lot more!

MET Alumni stories

MET Alumni Club members can explore the lives and careers of some former colleagues who share their exciting insights as alumni or boomerang.

They will share their most memorable stories at MET, how their experience at MET impacted their career and life, what have been their career path since then, what are the main benefits for them of the MET Alumni network and last but not least what are the interesting aspects of their life they would like to share.

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MET Alumni stories
“It felt like coming home again,” says Ioana Paula Sava, Head of Staff at MET Romania, who left and then rejoined MET after an eight-month break. The 3 words she highlights are stability, courage and people.
MET Alumni stories
You have to make it work and you have to pay attention to details – this is one of the lessons that Francesco Colombo learnt at MET Group. He explains why the company is demanding whilst remaining fun and dynamic at the same time.
MET Alumni stories
Never say it will not work, never say it is too crazy – Esther Ang is convinced that what colleagues do and how they think at MET will shape the LNG industry. As a “boomerang” Alumni, she once left MET Group, only to return with even more enthusiasm.
MET Alumni stories
As MET Alumni Club Chairman, his ambition is to make the Alumni Club a successful, long-term community. Kori Jellen started his career at MET as an intern which has impacted his work culture up to now. He learnt at MET that taking the extra mile during work pays off.

MET Alumni events

MET Group creates the opportunity for reunion of the Alumni community via in-person and in virtual events. The first successful in-person Alumni get-together events were taken place in 2024 in Switzerland and in Hungary. The adventure is continuing.

MET Alumni events
“You have all contributed to MET’s success story in the last 17 years. I would like to thank you all for your relentless efforts, the company’s growth would not have been possible without your hard work,” MET Group Chairman and CEO, Benjamin Lakatos told former colleagues at the first in-person meeting of the MET Alumni Club in Budapest.
MET Alumni events
We hosted the first ever MET Alumni Club reunion with close to 50 participants in the heart of Switzerland. The event, full of vibrant energy, brought together a diverse group of former employees, eager to reconnect and recall their time spent at the company. As we reflect on the incredible positivity, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who attended and contributed to organizing this evening.
MET Alumni events
One of the main goals of the recently launched MET Alumni Club is to maintain strong relationships with departed talents, who we believe can serve as ambassadors of MET.



MET Alumni Club - Membership for life

MET Alumni Club mobile application is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Our dear members can now experience the future of digital convenience by downloading the app today and begin exploring a variety of features designed to enhance connectivity.

Join the community of forward-thinkers and embrace the change that this application brings to the MET Alumni Club community’s life!

MET Alumni Club platform

If you are MET alumni, please check our MET Alumni Club portal and register or login. With the registration, MET alumni can reconnect with the MET Alumni community, can explore the lives and careers of former colleagues, can participate in MET Alumni Club events and can check MET job openings.
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