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MET Italia signs Corporate PPA to sell energy from Sicilian solar park
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MET Italia signs Corporate PPA to sell energy from Sicilian solar park

December 6, 2023
MET Energia Italia, the Italian subsidiary of Swiss-based integrated energy company MET Group, signed a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with MIX-IT, the leading Italian Internet Exchange Point, selling the entire energy production of the Sicilian photovoltaic plant Mirto Solarpark. With this PPA, MIX-IT has managed to implement a more efficient energy supply process.

Under the agreement, MET Energia Italia is responsible for supplying the electricity generated by Mirto Solarpark into the Italian power grid, ensuring that MIX-IT always receives electricity in the amount actually generated and supplied by the solar park.

At the same time, MET will supply MIX-IT with any additional quantities of electricity required by the company and will sell Guarantees of Origin (GoO) to MIX-IT. Thus, MET enables the customer to reach a 100% renewable supply as a combination of the Corporate PPA related to the Mirto Solarpark and access to the Italian power spot market with guaranteed renewable energy supply.

The operation was coordinated by Spinergy, a long-standing consultancy firm in the field of energy cost optimization for industrial clients, in collaboration with Energethique, a consulting firm specializing in PPA management, jointly with MET Energia Italia SME Sales and Power Portfolio Management teams led by Andrea Rebora and Andrea Crosetti.

“Supporting MIX-IT and Mirto Solarpark in structuring and executing a long-term Corporate Power Purchase Agreement has been an amazing start of MET Energia Italia’s involvement in the PPA landscape. The capability to combine renewable generation with consumption will be key in the future to optimise the returns for investors and guarantee long-term price stability to large customers. Also leveraging on MET Group’s renewable portfolio under development in Italy, MET Energia Italia is determined to play a key role in this area,” said Giuseppe Rebuzzini, CEO of MET Energia Italia.

“Increasing energy prices, recorded during 2022, have had important repercussions on the highly energy-intensive sector such as the telecommunications industry. For MIX-IT it is no longer enough to choose the best supplier: sustainability, efficiency, awareness and transparency are the criteria that inspire our new way of managing energy supply,” stated Alessandro Talotta, Executive President & Chairman of MIX-IT.


MET Group

MET Group is an integrated European energy company, headquartered in Switzerland, with activities and assets in natural gas and power markets. MET is present in 15 countries through subsidiaries, 30 national gas markets, and 22 international trading hubs. MET has extensive experience in operating green (renewable) and flexible (conventional) energy assets, thus providing the widest possible support to energy transition. In 2022, MET Group’s consolidated sales revenue amounted to EUR 41.5 billion, with a total traded volume of natural gas amounting to 109 BCM and total traded electricity of 67 TWh.