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MET Italia: enhanced partnership with Gas Intensive and over 1,500 corporate customers
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MET Italia: enhanced partnership with Gas Intensive and over 1,500 corporate customers

May 15, 2019
MET Energia Italia, the Italian subsidiary of Swiss-based MET Group, announces the completion of the restructuring of its partnership with Gas Intensive consortium, and the achievement of 1,500 corporate customers.

During April, MET Energia Italia and Gas Intensive signed a direct partnership agreement, which replaces the previous one signed by Gas Intensive and MET International AG, a company associated with MET Italy. With the new agreement, MET Energia Italia will replace Gas Intensive in all contracts for the sale of natural gas to the consortium customers and will become the direct counterpart of these consortium members in all future supplies.

Gas Intensive, which brings together over 200 Italian member companies – belonging to the eight national manufacturing sectors of bricks, paper, foundries and non-ferrous metals, ceramics, glass, lime, gypsum and mortar, all characterized by an intensive use of gas and a strong impact of its price on production costs – was established in 2001 on the initiative of eight Trade Associations in sectors with high gas consumption, with the aim of providing an aggregation tool to the Shareholders for the purchase of natural gas.

Together, the sectors of the national manufacturing industry represented in the Gas Intensive consortium have a turnover of 55 billion euros and over 235,000 employees, realizing 6.6% of the turnover of the Italian manufacturing industry. They absorb about 50% of industrial consumption of methane gas, equal to 15% of the total national demand.

The new agreement between MET Energia Italia and Gas Intensive strengthens the co-operation between the two parties in order to maximize their respective skills. More specifically, MET Energia Italia will make its sales skills in the energy sector available to the benefit of the consortium customers, while Gas Intensive will focus on its institutional activity, aimed at simplifying the structure of the Italian gas market and at decreasing the cost of natural gas to the consortium members and to all the industrial operators of the country – with the aim of reducing the competitive “gap” due to the higher price of natural gas for industrial use which historically affects the Italian energy industry. In the coming weeks direct meetings will be organized all over the country to introduce MET proposals to the consortium members in collaboration with the associations of the different sectors.

Just 20 months after entering the Italian market, MET Energia Italia has passed the milestone of 1,500 corporate customers, a goal achieved a few months after extending sales activities to the SME segment, following sales to large customers. It is an important milestone celebrating the first significant results along a growth path started in July 2017. In terms of volumes, MET Energia Italia has already contracted around 300 million cubic meters of natural gas for 2019.

“The new partnership with Gas Intensive and the achievement of the target of over 1,500 corporate customers are two symbolic, and definitely significant elements of the market’s appreciation of the proposal by MET Energia Italia, based on the high level of customization and quality of our services. A starting point for an important development of the company that will pass through a stronger footprint on the large customers segment and a more significant expansion in the SME sector. We aim to reach 10,000 customers by the end of 2020 and we intend to look at various growth opportunities in Italy,” stated MET Energia Italia CEO Giuseppe Rebuzzini.

MET Energia Italia is the Italian branch of MET Group (Switzerland), which is a 100% owner, active in the supply of natural gas to large end-customers, in particular to industrial and commercial consumers with special, complex and customized needs, as well as natural gas and electricity to the segment of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with highly competitive products, able to satisfy the most diverse needs.

MET Group is a European energy company, headquartered in Switzerland, with activities in natural gas, power and oil markets. MET is present in 15 countries through subsidiaries, 28 national gas markets and 22 international trading hubs. with 42 billion cubic meters traded in 2018, MET trades about 8% of continental Europe’s gas consumption.