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MET Group enters the Spanish market
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MET Group enters the Spanish market

December 13, 2016
MET Group is continuing its European expansion through the establishment of a subsidiary in Spain. The core business activity of the company is the sale of natural gas to industrial clients, with deliveries over 2 TWh starting on the 1st of January 2017.

As part of its strategy, MET Energía España S.A., based in Madrid, will also start the LNG (liquefied natural gas) and electricity business – while continuing to supply natural gas to industrial clients.

MET Energía España is headed by Carlos Losada, with extensive experience in the Spanish energy sector. The CEO commented on the founding of the new subsidiary as follows: ‘We see massive opportunities in the South-European energy market, to which we are going to first expand our natural gas and power trade activity. It is MET Group’s ambition to break into the central segment of the energy market, and that means both the upstream and the downstream segments and power generation. As the Spanish natural gas market is one of the largest and most significant in Europe, MET Group’s entry to the Iberian Peninsula is an especially important step towards obtaining a European leadership position.’

About MET Group

MET Group is a leader in the European energy marketing sector. Headquartered in Switzerland, MET is an active participant in the European natural gas, power and oil markets. MET is present in 12 countries through subsidiaries, 26 national gas markets, and 19 international trading hubs, with natural gas turnover of more than 16 billion cubic meters. It has a significant end-consumer presence in Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Slovakia.

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