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MET Group enters the Polish market
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MET Group enters the Polish market

February 6, 2018
MET International obtained natural gas trading and import licenses in Poland as of 1 February 2018. These licenses will enable MET International to further grow its business, which is an important step regarding MET Group’s presence in European markets.

It creates new growth opportunities within the Polish market, and it is a continuation of MET Group’s expansion. The Group now has the ability to trade in 28 European countries.

As a first step, MET International will focus on setting up and developing its activities in the wholesale natural gas market, in terms of both OTC market and Polish commodity exchange trading. MET International is planning to become one of the most active players in the Polish natural gas market.

About MET Group

MET Group is a leader in the European energy marketing sector. Headquartered in Switzerland, MET is an active participant in the European natural gas, power and oil markets. MET is present in 15 countries through subsidiaries, 28 national gas markets and 19 international trading hubs.