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MET Group appoints new CEO of MET Energía España in Spain
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MET Group appoints new CEO of MET Energía España in Spain

February 9, 2023
MET Group is pleased to announce that it has appointed Ángel Crespo as the new CEO of its Spanish subsidiary MET Energía España.

With over 20 years of experience, Ángel brings hands-on knowledge in the Spanish gas and power sales and wholesale markets which will ensure that MET continues to deliver stable and competitive gas and electricity to Spanish households, businesses, and large industrial users and help to manage its customers energy supply and price risks in this uncertain and volatile environment.

MET Group has had a strong presence in Spain since 2018 with direct LNG supplies into Spain as well as a diversified pan-European wholesale gas and energy portfolio which allows MET Energía España to support and supply its end users and customers in Spain more efficiently and competitively.

Ángel has previously worked for Union Fenosa Gas, Alpiq, MIBGAS, and Molgas Energy Holdings. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of Sedigas (Spanish Gas Association).

“We are excited to have Ángel join our team and lead our Spanish business. With his local knowledge and experience in both gas and electricity, MET will continue to be able to support our Spanish customers under his leadership,” said Benjamin Lakatos, Group CEO and Chairman of MET Group.


MET Group

MET Group is an integrated European energy company, headquartered in Switzerland, with activities and assets in natural gas and power markets. MET is present in 13 countries through subsidiaries, 27 national gas markets, and 22 international trading hubs. In 2021, MET Group’s consolidated sales revenue amounted to EUR 18,1 billion, the volume of traded natural gas was 55 BCM, traded electricity 50+ TWh.