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MET Green Assets Holding becomes a strategic partner of SwissWinds
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MET Green Assets Holding becomes a strategic partner of SwissWinds

November 6, 2023
Two companies from the field of renewable energies are joining forces: MET Green Assets Holding AG is taking a 25 percent stake in SwissWinds Holding SA and its subsidiaries. The two partners will together establish wind farms in Switzerland.

SwissWinds has already constructed the highest wind farm in Europe on the Nufenen Pass, at 2478 metres above sea level, which is located on the highest mountain pass with a paved road in Switzerland. Further projects, primarily located in the canton of Valais, will be developed or brought to a ready-to-build status in the coming years.

Martin Senn, founder of SwissWinds, emphasises the importance of wind power: "60 percent of the electricity generated by wind power plants is produced in the winter months – exactly when Switzerland faces a risk of gap in its electricity supply.” Wind energy can therefore become an important pillar of Switzerland’s energy security.

MET Green Assets Holding AG, headquartered in Baar (Switzerland), is MET Group’s rapidly growing renewable energy unit. Convinced that the shift to renewable energy is crucial to creating a healthy and liveable planet for present and future generations, MET Green Assets Holding is investing in renewable energy projects in Europe. The focus is on onshore wind farms and solar plants.

In this context, MET Green Assets Holding has acquired a 25 percent stake in SwissWinds Holding SA and its subsidiaries and has become a strategic partner of SwissWinds. Together, the two partners will implement wind farm projects in Switzerland.

“We are delighted that with our stake in SwissWinds, we are getting active in our company's home market for the first time and will make a targeted effort to use the wind potential in Switzerland,” explains Christian Hürlimann, Renewables CEO of MET Group.


MET Group

MET Group is an integrated European energy company, headquartered in Switzerland, with activities and assets in natural gas and power markets. MET is present in 15 countries through subsidiaries, 30 national gas markets, and 22 international trading hubs. MET has extensive experience in operating green (renewable) and flexible (conventional) energy assets, thus providing the widest possible support to energy transition. In 2022, MET Group’s consolidated sales revenue amounted to EUR 41.5 billion, with a total traded volume of natural gas amounting to 109 BCM and total traded electricity of 67 TWh.



SwissWinds was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the SME Institute of the University of St. Gallen and quickly became the market leader in wind farm development in Switzerland. With a small but innovative and multidisciplinary team, SwissWinds has become the reference for the development and construction of wind farms in complex terrain. In 2016, SwissWinds built the highest wind farm in Europe.