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EUR 560,000,000 Senior Revolving Credit Facilities for MET Group
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EUR 560,000,000 Senior Revolving Credit Facilities for MET Group

February 1, 2017
MET Group (“MET” or the “Group”), a leader in the European energy marketing sector, is pleased to announce the successful closing of its revolving credit facilities (the “Facilities” or the “Transaction”) amounting to EUR 560 million.

The Group also launched its debut unsecured 364-day revolving credit facility under the Transaction, which closed substantially oversubscribed at EUR 115 million – an important milestone allowing the Group to further increase its financing flexibility and diversify its funding base. The Transaction contains evergreen extension options and an accordion feature permitting MET to increase the Facilities to EUR 760 million.

The Facilities will be used to refinance MET’s existing revolving credit facilities, originally dated 15 February 2015, and for general corporate purposes.

All existing lenders remained in the Facilities with a total of 8 banks participating in the Transaction. The Facilities demonstrate MET’s stable access to funding sources from a wide pool of international banks and underline lenders’ continuous interest in the natural gas and broader energy marketing sector.

Participating lenders and legal adviser

Facility and Security Agent

ING Bank N.V., London Branch


Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG

ING Bank N.V.

Citibank Europe Plc.

OTP Bank Nyrt.

 UniCredit Bank AG

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.

Rabobank International
(Cooperatieve Rabobank U.A.)

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Lenders’ Counsel

Clifford Chance LLP

About MET Group

MET Group is a leader in the European energy marketing sector. Headquartered in Switzerland, MET is an active participant in the European natural gas, power and oil markets. MET is present in 12 countries through subsidiaries, 26 national gas markets and 19 international trading hubs, with a significant end-consumer presence in Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.