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Kori Jellen: MET’s culture of professional integrity and ambition is the driver to my successes to date

Kori Jellen: MET’s culture of professional integrity and ambition is the driver to my successes to date

January 25, 2024
As MET Alumni Club Chairman, his ambition is to make the Alumni Club a successful, long-term community. Kori Jellen started his career at MET as an intern which has impacted his work culture up to now. He learnt at MET that taking the extra mile during work pays off.

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When and in what position did you work at MET? 

I am so grateful that I could start my career at MET International as a trading floor intern for 6 months in 2013. This laid the foundation for my future career and life.

As an intern I created arbitrage physical trading models for our traders to make sizeable deals and administered several new market entries to Western European countries. We decided to extend my stay, but unfortunately, I had to return to finish my undergrad degree in the fall of 2014.


What has been your career path since then? 

I stayed in the energy space and moved to Denver, Colorado to work on legal proceedings as a corporate legal project manager and accounting expert witness. After two years, the company I worked for, transferred me first to London and then to Budapest, Hungary as financial officer of the local entities to reorganize their upstream business.

Then I pursued my dreams of getting a global top10 MBA and learning entrepreneurship from my parents. I am very proud to be the first Hungarian graduate of the IESE MBA since 1991 and started to build ventures in energy and healthcare since. Today I spend most of my time being chairman and co-owner of Endomedix, a chain of nine clinics in Hungary focused on gastroenterology employing 100 doctors and 150 medical staff.

What do you think would make the MET Alumni Club successful? 

The Alumni Club will be a success for me if its members create more value for each other than they would without the existence of the club. To make this happen, MET will make real efforts to create a long-term community of former colleagues. This is what our vision is in the Alumni Club project team, and we designed Alumni Club activities accordingly.

If everything goes well, many former colleagues will participate at the in-person meetings organized in 2024. Friendships will be revived, new career opportunities will open. In other words, it will be a live community.


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