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Esther Ang returned to MET Group: Impossible is possible

Esther Ang returned to MET Group: Impossible is possible

February 27, 2024
Never say it will not work, never say it is too crazy – Esther Ang is convinced that what colleagues do and how they think at MET will shape the LNG industry. As a “boomerang” Alumni, she once left MET Group, only to return with even more enthusiasm.

When and in what position did you work at MET?

I joined MET in 2017 as an LNG Trader. I had already worked in the energy sector before.

What has been your career path since then?

After 7 years, still in LNG. And still in MET.

Why did you decide to rejoin MET Group?

When I left MET, we were at the peak of the Covid pandemic. I joined another company in April 2020, where I received a laptop and I was requested not go to the office. Then we had to work in shifts and you could not meet everyone at a time, so it was really difficult for me to bond with the new team.

I was in touch on a regular basis with one of my fellow colleagues, so it was like I never really left MET. We kept close in touch, and at one point when a decision was made to kick-start an important LNG business line, she said to me: “Just come back, it will be fine.” Eventually, I did take up her offer and returned to MET in November 2020. Nowadays in hindsight we joke that I simply took a six-month sabbatical.

Have your skills or know-how acquired at MET helped you, and if yes, how?

Of course. At MET, having an entrepreneurial mindset is key – this means taking initiative, being resourceful, identifying the risks/problems and finding creative solutions to them, clean execution, and then circling back to align internally. This means that the philosophy at MET is not simply about good ideas but also about implementing them well.

If you had to describe MET Group with 3 words, what would they be?

Impossible is possible, I truly believe this for MET. You could bring in any kind of business case and as long as you could justify it, it is possible. I think that what we do and how we think at MET also has an impact on the rest of the industry. It’s like a relationship between the company and other market players. If you’re constantly innovating and being creative, you can have an impact on the others.


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