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MET Alumni Get-Together: we all belong to the same community

MET Alumni Get-Together: we all belong to the same community

April 26, 2024
“You have all contributed to MET’s success story in the last 17 years. I would like to thank you all for your relentless efforts, the company’s growth would not have been possible without your hard work,” MET Group Chairman and CEO, Benjamin Lakatos told former colleagues at the first in-person meeting of the MET Alumni Club in Budapest.

The main goals of the recently launched MET Alumni club are to maintain strong relationships with departed talents, reconnecting through different events and potentially welcoming back former MET employees to the Group.

“I left MET 10 years ago. I cannot believe how many familiar faces I had the opportunity to re-connect with,” MET Alumni Club Chairman Kori Jellen welcomed more than 100 guests gathering at the Budapest event. He called it both “touching” and “positive” – adding that it is important for former colleagues to meet from time to time, further strengthening the Alumni community.

Reuniting with old friends and sharing memories filled the MET Alumni Get-Together with joy and laughter. “When we entered the room, we had the impression that we had never actually left,” recalled a group of colleagues having dinner at the same table.

Words like ‘amazing’ and ‘incredible’ were used to describe the in-person meeting, the second one in a row – the very first MET Alumni event recently took place in Zug, Switzerland. “It was such a great feeling when MET contacted us and invited all of us to this event,” said a former colleague.

MET Alumni members career paths depict a wide variety; wherever they work now, former colleagues all agreed that their time spent at MET Group defined their professional lives. “Seeing each other again is such a fantastic experience. We all wish to belong to a community,” revealed one of the participants.