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First Get-together: MET Alumni event celebrates shared experiences

First Get-together: MET Alumni event celebrates shared experiences

March 9, 2024
We hosted the first ever MET Alumni Club reunion with close to 50 participants in the heart of Switzerland. The event, full of vibrant energy, brought together a diverse group of former employees, eager to reconnect and recall their time spent at the company. As we reflect on the incredible positivity, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who attended and contributed to organizing this evening.

The day kicked off with an office tour in Baar where the Alumni could visit the new office building and meet with current MET employees. From shared anecdotes to revisiting familiar faces, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of excitement. 

As the sun began to set, the festivities continued with a nice dinner at a Zug restaurant. Current senior executives talked to former colleagues, exchanging stories and insights that spanned years of corporate history.

The night was filled with laughter, heartfelt conversations, and the sharing of fond memories. The event was not just about reliving the past – it was also an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of former employees.  

As participants of the event departed, they carried with them memories and bonds forged on this special day, marking a new chapter in MET Group’s history. 

As Tünde Tóth, Group HR Director said: “It was heartwarming to see the shining pairs of eyes during the conversations and the shouts of joy when former colleagues were happy to see each other and to meet again, creating a real family feeling.” 

Kori Jellen, MET Alumni Club Chairman added: “It was a pleasure to reunite with so many  friends after a decade.” 

It was hard to close the doors of this unique event at the end of the day, but based on participants’ feedback, they took with them the memories of exciting conversations, energetic vibes and joy. Attendees couldn't stop raving about the electrifying atmosphere and the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces. 

The excitement does not end here. MET Alumni can mark in their calendars the next MET Alumni Club Get-together event, scheduled for April 19 in Budapest. It will be another memorable gathering filled with laughter, friendship – and the celebration of shared experiences.