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MET reinforces its expertise and chooses Milan as its European hub

MET reinforces its expertise and chooses Milan as its European hub

February 5, 2024
The Italian hub is located in Milan and is home to 36 energy experts, to which another 10 senior professionals specializing in commercial and origination activities, retail and distribution sales, logistics and customer care for the Italian market will be added.

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Furthermore, there are another 15 employees active in supporting the Group’s project development and asset management experts. It is the competence centre that MET Group, a Swiss-based multinational company engaged in supplying gas and electricity to end customers, renewable energy generation and trading, has decided to promote by choosing the economic capital of our country to support the development of the entire Group in Europe.

For MET, 2024 started with this and other important news. The Italian subsidiary’s organizational development continued last year with the creation of a new business unit dedicated to Energy Solutions. This includes, for example, installations and services for the establishment of energy communities.

“Also on the results front, the newly started year aims to continue the successes of 2023, which saw a 40% growth in gas volumes sold, reaching 700 million cubic meters, and a doubling in electricity intermediation, with supplies for 1.2 TWh and a forecast horizon of 2.0 TWh for the current year,” says Giuseppe Rebuzzini, CEO of MET Energia Italia.

If 2023 was the year MET entered the photovoltaic panel business in Italy, with around seventy residential projects for total installations of just under 500 kW, for 2024 the strategy is focused on diversifying the targets.

Alongside standard products, with list prices and modules of 5-6 kW, more specialised offerings have been created, tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises, with an important customization component that includes the design of ad-hoc solutions for industrial customers.

On the renewable generation front, projects are planned that by 2026 will allow the Group to reach an installed capacity of 2GW in Europe, with significant growth in photovoltaics in Central and Southern Italy, where a substantial part of the portfolio projects are awaiting authorization within the year.