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MET France helps companies to better manage their energy expenses

MET France helps companies to better manage their energy expenses

June 26, 2024
Since setting up in Lyon in the autumn of 2023, the French subsidiary of the Swiss-based MET Group has been providing visibility to its clients with various indicators to better manage their consumption and budget.

Original article in French: Tout Lyon

MET France, established in the summer of 2022 and based in Lyon since October 2023, has seen accelerated activities with the acquisition of the electricity and natural gas customer portfolio from Antargaz last August.

“This portfolio represents 15,000 consumption metres for an annual consumption of 1.5 TWh,” says Giovanni Caporale, CEO of MET France. After a transition phase, the French subsidiary of MET Group has resumed targeting new clients with offerings aimed at very small (VSEs), small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

“The VSEs and SMEs are at the forefront of the energy market changes. We provide them with visibility and transparency to be able to tailor our offers to their needs,” explains Giovanni Caporale, who leads a team of 30 professionals.

MET France: Tools to control expenses and anticipate market fluctuations

Different plans offer fixed, variable or flexible prices and, most importantly, provide valuable information to customers. A digitized platform allows access to personalized indicators and forecasts to control energy expenses and anticipate market price fluctuations.

“These tools are decision-making aids for companies that often lack the time and dedicated resources to address energy issues,” emphasizes the CEO.

MET France also aims to improve the environmental impact of its clients. “We have offers for green electricity or biogas supplies,” says Giovanni Caporale, confirming that these plans involve additional costs. However, clients can also contribute to the ecological transition by better managing their energy consumption.