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Energate interview with Benjamin Lakatos, CEO of MET Group

Energate interview with Benjamin Lakatos, CEO of MET Group

March 6, 2024
Frankly speaking, I have always been fascinated by the history of the Swiss MET Group. There are several reasons for this.

Source: Energate Gasmarkt

Written by Heiko Lohmann

  • The company history itself is exciting: Eon Ruhrgas (then Eon) acquired the gas midstream business of MOL in 2004 and then finally in 2006. MET emerged from the newly founded gas trading division of the formerly state-owned Hungarian oil and gas group MOL. The name stood for MOL Energy Trading. Benjamin Lakatos then spun MET off from MOL as a trading company in 2018 as part of a management buyout, having already relocated its headquarters to the Swiss canton of Zug in 2012.
  • The ownership and management structure is exciting: Mr. Lakatos still holds a stake of over 70 per cent in MET Group, just under 20 per cent belongs to the management and 10 per cent to Keppel, a stock-listed asset management company from Singapore with a focus on energy infrastructure and sustainable energy supply, among other business interests.
  • The corporate strategy is exciting: MET is no longer a pure trading company but is active in 14 European countries and in Singapore. Global LNG trading was added to the trading activities and in the areas of sales, infrastructure and power generation – primarily from renewable energies – are also part of the business portfolio.
  • Last but not least, the company has also been active in Germany since the end of 2020 (ener|gate Gasmarkt 12/20) and wants to grow here: around 35 employees will be employed in 2024. The focus so far has been on sales to industry, municipal utilities and commercial customers. MET also operates storage facilities in Germany. The Swiss company also acquired the former Gas Union storage portfolio at the end of 2020.

In this interview, Benjamin Lakatos explains the company's development and philosophy. Of course, we also talked about the company's ambitions in Germany.

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