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Christian Hürlimann: Making solar shine

Christian Hürlimann: Making solar shine

March 14, 2023
Christian Hürlimann, MET Group, Switzerland, identifies the technological advancements in the solar industry which companies need to embrace in order to optimise their photovoltaic portfolio.

The relentless advance of technology presents countless opportunities for businesses to optimise efficiency and operations. At the same time, ongoing technological developments force companies to try and identify future scenarios and possibilities to make their business as future-proof as possible. MET Group pursues a strategy of incorporating the latest commercially-viable technological solutions in the development and operation of its renewables portfolio.

Long gone are the days when artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning were a favourite of sci-fi scriptwriters in Hollywood. The business community is relying increasingly on AI-driven solutions not only to get a tech edge, but also to stay in the game. The energy industry and renewables are no exception to the rule. The sector is embracing digitalisation and technological developments to spur the energy transition.

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