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Florin Frunză: 15-year-old MET Romania provides stability in the market

Florin Frunză: 15-year-old MET Romania provides stability in the market

June 19, 2024
“MET has brought a new dynamic to the Romanian energy market. In addition to being a regular energy supplier, MET Romania offers a range of additional services, integrating energy supply into a comprehensive package built around customer needs,” says Florin Frunză, CEO of MET Group’s local subsidiary celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Looking back at the past 15 years, Florin Frunză adds: “We have also brought seriousness and trust, two attributes that are highly sought after, especially in difficult times.” In practice it meant showing to partners that one aspect MET Romania takes really seriously – unlike many other companies operating in the market – is respecting contracts, even in situations that do not advantage the company. This is how the subsidiary has become more than an energy supplier, it turned into a provider of stability and predictability in the market.

With the Covid pandemic, the energy crisis and the Ukraine conflict, uncertainty grew stronger than ever, also impacting the energy sector. This series of crises has been an important test of resilience for the entire MET Romania team, now including close to 60 employees. “In the last four years, MET has represented an oasis of stability in a highly volatile market. It has helped us to consolidate our status as a competent, serious and stable energy supplier,” recalls the CEO.

Another driving force behind MET Romania’s development is being part of Swiss-based energy company MET Group. “We have received from the Group the DNA of a successful and recognized Swiss-based, internationally active company, as well as a solid set of values that form the foundation on which we have built the Romanian subsidiary,” explains Florin Frunză.

MET Romania has undergone significant changes in the past 15 years. The company started its activities on the gas trading market in Romania, and then diversified its business lines by receiving a power supplier license. This resulted in a continuous growth process in the Romanian market, doubled by efforts to develop tailor-made service packages to customers. The CEO is proud to say that MET Romania has become the energy supplier that Romanian companies trust both for the quality and professionalism of its services, and for the seriousness demonstrated in respecting contractual terms – particularly in complex market situations.

The last 15 years brought many remarkable moments. Besides the merger with Repower (after the sale of its operations in Romania) and the acquisition of RWE Energie, milestones include reaching in 2013 a significant achievement of selling 1000 GWh of natural gas within the year, marking a major step in MET Romania’s growth. In 2017, the company extended its activities, starting to offer balancing services to renewable producers. “During tough times with high volatility in the energy market, or during the Covid pandemic, we remained a reliable partner for our customers. We ensured stable supplies, both for gas and electricity, and kept prices unchanged throughout the duration of the contracts, providing much needed stability and security,” the CEO emphasizes.

As for the next 15 years, Florin Frunză believes that the entire energy industry will look different, and one of the few things that will remain the same will be what he calls the MET Romania tradition. “No matter how the country and the energy sector will evolve, MET Romania will be an honest and competent partner for companies here. I am confident that, over time, this will become increasingly appreciated in the market.”