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B2Run Zug: MET Group colleagues run for health and team experience

B2Run Zug: MET Group colleagues run for health and team experience

May 24, 2024
17 enthusiastic MET Group colleagues participated in the B2Run competition in Zug, together with the Swiss judo World Champion Nils Stump. It was all about the joy of exercise and being active – pursuing a common goal and celebrating team success.

For the first time, MET Group was a regional sponsor of the B2Run running competition in Zug. Swiss-based companies and their employees are targeted by the B2Run platform, offering an ideal occasion for teambuilding, health promotion, and presenting the company from a different perspective.

The May 22 running event in Zug marked the start of the 2024 B2Run series which will also take place in Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and St. Gallen during the upcoming weeks.

The competition organized in Zug covered a distance of 6.1 kilometres – the distance was deliberately chosen to be rather short so that it was feasible for everyone, even complete beginners. This year’s event was characterized by a record participation, with 1,400 runners representing more than 80 companies from the Zug region.

B2Run focuses on providing a real team experience. Under the motto “Sweating together, welding together”, the emphasis is on mutual engagement in sports. Health promotion is another important objective – B2Run motivates a healthy lifestyle and increases the well-being of participants.

Colleagues coming from MET Group’s Baar headquarters had the chance to run together with 27-year-old Swiss judoist Nils Stump, who won the 2023 world judo championship and is considered to be one of the favorites to win the Olympic judo gold this summer in Paris. He won the bronze medal at the 2024 world championship in Abu Dhabi just two days before B2Run. MET has been the official partner of the International Judo Federation since the beginning of 2023 and acts as the main partner of Nils Stump to support him on his road to Paris.

The team experience was highlighted by all MET participants wearing the same company-branded T-shirts at the competition. It was also a perfect opportunity for Baar-based MET colleagues to collect some additional steps in the context of the health-promoting Virgin Pulse Destination Go Challenge that started for all MET Group colleagues in 15 countries at the end of March and will last until the end of May.

During a brief interview on stage shortly before the start of the race Tobias Kistner, Communications Director of MET Group, explained the reasons why MET was taking part and invited Nils Stump to say a few words as well. “As a company, we are committed to promoting talent – Nils is the best proof of what you can achieve if you set yourself ambitious goals and give your all for success. In addition, we want to show not only that we are ambitious, but that it is also great fun to be a part of the MET team. The Zug region is our home, an ideal place to work and, at the same time, a very liveable region and a sports venue for everyone.”

When asked by the moderator whether he would win this race, Nils Stump replied with a smile: “Probably not, but it's a nice balance to my usual training program. I will soon be preparing for the Olympic Games, so it's all the better if I can complete the first stage of the way leading there together with the MET Group team.”

The fastest MET Group runner was Antoine Servais from the Risk Management Team, who completed the course with a very strong result of just 23 minutes and 44 seconds.