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“We have borrowed the Earth from our children”

“We have borrowed the Earth from our children”

March 7, 2023
Three women working at MET Group tell us about their jobs and ambitions. From LNG imports to green future – meet Esther Ang, Violeta Angelova, and Carla Buchholz.

What do you like most about your job at MET Group?

Esther Ang (Head of LNG, Trading & Wholesale Division): I like most that my job at MET Group allows me to tap into my spirit of adventure: to try new things, assess risks and find ways to turn even the most insurmountable issues into palatable, winning outcomes. I work daily with top talent within the company and the industry to problem solve, develop relationships, and build legacies. This motivates me to be the best version of myself and to savour both the high and low points of challenges as a manager, a counterpart, and an employee.

Violeta Angelova (Senior Originator Renewables, Green Assets Division): Being part of the Renewables Origination team, I see my work as an opportunity to contribute to a fast-moving company within a forward-thinking industry. I genuinely believe that renewables, energy storage and green hydrogen must be the energy generation source of the future. MET is showing huge appetite for investment in renewables and being part of the forefront of this appetite is making my work full of interesting encounters with people and projects all over Europe, and it is giving me personal satisfaction that I contribute to a better world where my children live. There is a phrase that deeply resonates with my attitude in life: “We have not inherited the Earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children.” This is the motto we should live for.

Carla Buchholz (Junior Key Account Manager, EU Sales Division): What I like most about MET is the dynamic environment, the broad variety of topics and the opportunity to learn new skills that come along with it. When I started working here a year ago, I would have never imagined that I could learn so much in one year, become more confident in my tasks and widen my responsibilities in a wide range of projects. That’s why I am looking forward to the future with MET even more and I am excited about the challenges the next few years will bring.


How does your work contribute to solving today’s challenges in the energy markets?

Esther Ang: My work in LNG import and optimization is, at a macro level, key to supporting Europe’s desire for fuel transition and security of energy supply. LNG diversifies away Europe’s reliance on pipeline gas and incentivizes geopolitical negotiations and renegotiations to take place. Our role effectively provides competition to the gas market by bridging the gap between international supply and regional demand, with the side effect of price corrections whether positive or negative. At the micro level, each import, regardless of continent or country, eventually contributes in one way or another to the welfare of individual households and citizens once regasified and converted into other commodities or products.

Violeta Angelova: Renewables are one of the key success factors for decarbonization, climate change solutions and supply of cheap and affordable electricity, as well as for ensuring the energy independence of Europe. 2022 was the first year when renewables electricity generation exceeded the electricity generated from gas – and with this achievement Europe managed to reduce the impact of the energy crisis. Europe still has a long way to go to reach the full energy independence and this is where the Renewables Origination team contributes by delivering investment opportunities, increasing the renewables energy source generation.

Carla Buchholz: Since gas prices have suffered from high volatility and credit lines have been used up, many customers have had problems finding a supplier. Therefore, we offer to larger industrial clients tailor-made solutions aiming to mitigate risks on both sides and ensure stable supply. In addition, our aspiration is to offer in the future a possibility to supply our German customers with LNG, providing them with an even higher degree of supply security. I also worked in a project where MET Germany took over a portfolio with around 7000 SME gas customers from a utility that could not ensure supply anymore. Since the beginning of the crisis, one sees more and more often that a supplier can no longer supply and cancels customers.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Esther Ang: I see myself continuing to contribute to the growth and success of MET Group in 5 years’ time. In what shape or form, I look forward to finding out as the adventure unfolds each step of the way.

Violeta Angelova: I have big professional plans. In 5 years’ time I see MET Group already having made its footprint in the US energy market and me leading the local US renewables team towards reaching ambitions in wind, solar and storage capacities, and green hydrogen generation.

Carla Buchholz: In 5 years, I see myself in a position with more responsibility, after successfully completing my Master’s degree. I believe that this will help me to unlock my full potential, develop new skills and contribute in an even broader range to the Group’s success. Within MET I would like to further develop my KAM skills to serve large industrial clients while I want to start working on my management skills. And if I stay with MET Group for many more years, I can also imagine a rotation to our headquarters in Switzerland.


Who is who?

Esther Ang studied Sociology and Economics at the National University of Singapore, obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation at Said Business School, University of Oxford, and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Renewable Energy Management at the University of St. Gallen. She worked as Trader at Diamond Gas International, Mitsubishi Corporation before joining MET Group’s Trading & Wholesale Division in 2017 as LNG Trading Manager. Esther was promoted to the company’s Head of LNG in 2021.

Violeta Angelova studied Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, and graduated a tailor-made renewables energy program at SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy. She worked throughout numerous European jurisdictions as Senior Business Developer Renewables in a large international utility, and then joined the Green Assets Division of MET Group as Senior Originator Renewables in 2022.

Carla Buchholz finished her studies in Retail Management at the European University of Applied Sciences in Brühl, Germany. She was Junior Trader prior to becoming Junior Key Account Manager at MET Germany, part of MET Group’s EU Sales Division, in 2022.