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“I have always been captivated by the energy sector”

“I have always been captivated by the energy sector”

March 8, 2024
Managing 20 different energy markets, witnessing the discharge of an LNG cargo – everyone has their most memorable experiences. On International Women’s Day, meet MET Group experts Sara Sousa, Ioana Paula Sava, Belén Pastor and Ana-Maria Manole.

“The energy sector captivated me through its global significance in shaping political scenarios, as well as its direct impact on people’s daily lives,” says Belén Pastor, Operations Manager at MET España. She adds that the “inspiring increase” of women's presence also played a crucial role when choosing the energy industry.

Ana-Maria Manole, Executive Board and Board of Directors Secretary at MET Holding had a more personal attachment – both of her parents worked for an electricity company. “I remember going to their office and seeing these schemes of large energy networks, or hearing people talking about invoicing problems,” she recalls. Ana-Maria initially pursued a path in Engineering, but her trajectory took a turn when she was offered the opportunity to join a multinational energy company right after university.

Who said the energy industry was only for men? “I have always been captivated by the energy sector, especially fossil fuels, partly due to my background in chemical engineering. The opportunity to blend my knowledge of chemistry with the complexities of natural gas markets was incredibly appealing,” explains Sara Sousa, Gas Logistic Specialist at MET International.

Ioana Paula Sava, Head of Staff at MET Romania came from the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) industry, looking for a new, interesting field that would fit her desire for continuous learning. “After 10 years, I am convinced that the energy sector was the right choice,” she states.

None of the four ladies regret choosing the European energy markets as their “workplace”, it has been a road full of adventures for all of them. When Sara Sousa joined MET International, she was suddenly tasked with managing logistics across more than 20 different markets – adapting to the diverse regulations and infrastructures of each market required a steep learning curve. “Yet, it was precisely this complexity that made the experience so exciting,” she says.

One of the most memorable experiences for Belén Pastor was witnessing the discharge of an LNG cargo at a liquefied natural gas terminal, a fascinating activity that illustrates the complexity of the natural gas supply chain. “The greatest difficulty has been navigating the dynamic shifts in natural gas markets. Adapting our strategies in response to market fluctuations has been a constant challenge, but it also ensured continuous growth and success.”

The most challenging moments for Ioana Paula Sava were the two mergers that MET Romania went through, when she was responsible for managing the merger of client portfolios from an IT applications perspective. Ana-Maria Manole highlights her time with MET Italy. “We were a small team when I joined the company, just around the twenty of us, trying to compete with much bigger companies. The pace at which the business evolved was sometimes dizzying, but it was exactly in those moments of intensity that our team thrived,” she remembers.

The four women agree that, despite the everyday setbacks and hurdles, what makes their jobs rewarding is their personal contributions to coping with problems. “In my role, I support the colleagues at MET who are tackling the challenges of energy markets. My main focus is to understand their obstacles and assist them in any way I can to make their work easier and more efficient,” summarizes Ana-Maria.

“Nowadays, I am involved in MET Group's digitalization with the crucial objective of automating processes. This will not only enhance efficiency but also allow us to dedicate more time to in-depth analysis and decision-making,” Belén emphasizes. In Sara’s daily work, understanding the market regulations has proven to be a decisive contribution to strategically manage logistics operations.

As Head of Staff, Ioana has clear ambitions: “I try to lead the team, make communication easy, and unite people across the organization to keep them moving forward.”