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Energy revolution cannot happen without women

Energy revolution cannot happen without women

May 10, 2018
MET Group is proud to be a founding member of the Women in Energy Association (WoNY). WoNY is a non-profit association established in Budapest in 2017.

The main objective is to support the growing professional community of women in the field of energy, enable women to reach top decision-making positions and bring women board mandates to a visible level.

Energy revolution cannot happen without women. This revolution has a huge impact on our whole future. It would be a big mistake not to use the women power in this particular situation. This women power can bring more efficiency, more competitiveness and more human sensibility to our common business.

WoNY’s main mission is to develop programs to provide networking opportunities, foster career and leadership development of women who work already in the sector or want to work in the energy industry.

The Association’s goal is also to increase the visibility of the top manager women to inspire the younger generation, in order to give them good examples. By guiding and training young women, WoNY would like to make it possible to enhance their skills, to deal, to interact and to learn from wiser women in high positions.

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