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MET Group Talent Development Programme: are you ready to climb the extra mile?

MET Group Talent Development Programme: are you ready to climb the extra mile?

April 7, 2021
MET Group believes that the knowledge and innovation created by employees are the most essential contributors to business growth. This is how our company promotes the development of talented colleagues.

“The success of MET is based on three pillars: having talented and highly motivated people on board, operating integrated risk management model and running businesses more efficiently than the peers," says Benjamin Lakatos, CEO of MET Group.

Investing in our people is essential in delivering sustainable results. No wonder that talent development is among the most important priorities of our company.

What does it mean in practice? In our Group Talent Development Program (TDP), we are searching for ambitious and talented colleagues who are ready to climb the extra mile and eager to learn and develop. Focusing on development provides the unique opportunity for colleagues to advance internally to the next phase of their careers.

Here is what we are looking for:

  • Wholesale talents who will bring our future big deals;
  • Future leaders who will lead our businesses and organizations successfully in a few years’ time;
  • Highly qualified asset managers who have both technical, economical affinity and leadership potential.

Program participants can benefit from several learning activities, tailor-made career opportunities, exciting, best-in class trainings, mentoring from experienced top managers and a lot more. During the one-year program participants learn to close the perfect deal, improve their leadership skills, deepen their industry knowledge, and build their network.

Thanks to tailor-made career opportunities and individual career development planning, TDP participants can move into their next roles even during the program – and they become MET shareholders after successful graduation.

Would you like to join our TDP team?