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István Héri: Attitude makes the difference, not the desire

István Héri: Attitude makes the difference, not the desire

February 28, 2022
István Héri joined MET Group in Hungary, in February 2012 and moved to the headquarters in Switzerland in 2014. During this time, he has held 5 different positions and received the Top Performance of the Year 2021 award.

Currently as the Head of CEE Gas Structured Trading at MET International, he manages the team responsible for CEE regional natural gas wholesale and trading activities. In 2022 we celebrate his 10-year MET story with the MET Loyalty Award which is a significant working milestone at MET Group.

How would you describe your MET career in one word, and what do you like most about it?

Dynamic would be the word. MET in general is an environment which enables people to excel, grow and reach their goals. Following 5 positions in the last 10 years: (i) I started as a Treasury Expert in the Budapest office where I showed dedication and later interest towards business areas, I switched to the Hungarian Gas Wholesale team as (ii) Wholesale Expert. During a project I was discovered and offered to become the (iii) Professional Assistant to the Group CEO. Exiting the role, I became the (iv) Head of Portfolio Optimization in MET International, where I later presented my plan and commitment, so the function was turned into business desk and consequently I became the (v) Head of CEE Gas Structured Trading. These are only the job titles, the list of new business areas and expansions would require a more lengthy story.

What was your most beautiful memory of the last 10 years at MET Group?

It is a question in context like highlighting the best chapter of an interesting book... It is an inspiring experience working in an environment where people would like to make the difference. There have been a lot of beautiful memories, but the key is that they all contribute towards a growing individual, team, company.

You have had to face a lot of changes and challenges during the past 10 years. How did you overcome the difficulties, what motivated you?

In our complex business environment, we always have challenges. The motivation comes from learning and development appetite of mine and my team, which gives me the confidence that we can face new and higher-level challenges. We are all hungry for new things, success, and growth.

What is your personal message to new joiners who have just started their MET journey?

Approach what you do with full commitment and dedication in a way that you can contribute as a team player. The workday will not be shorter anyway and it pays of more in the end. Attitude makes the difference, not the desire.