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MET story built on talent
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MET story built on talent

October 5, 2015
Echoing other success stories, MET Group, which is now present in 10 countries, was started in 2007 by just a few people with entrepreneurial spirit. While its staff by now numbers more than 300, the multinational energy trading company managed to retain the flexibility and speed typical of smaller businesses.

“We had to grow up for growth. Today we are a major company, with financial backing comparable to that of states in the region, and excellent risk management. But our key competitive edge is that we have highly integrated, almost real-time systems,” explains Beatrix Staár, MET Group’s head of marketing and communications. The company is capable of making critical decisions in a matter of hours, or even minutes, she adds.

It is important to reward skills and talent, and to offer colleagues opportunities in a series of positions within the company, but according to MET Group HR chief Katalin Bárány, this in itself would not be enough for success. “Regardless of languages or nationalities, we have to be able to recognize those who have the drive, talent and commitment needed. These are the strengths that bring success over the long term both to the individual and the company,” the HR director said.

The company will continue to pay special attention to internal recruiting and work rotation, so that members of our staff can exploit and develop their knowledge in a number of positions. We will start a talent support program this year at the group level, seeking to identify the most promising of our younger colleagues. “They should be self-reliant, committed, have very good communication skills, and be able to adapt quickly to changing conditions. The latter is a fundamental requirement in the course of daily work,” Katalin Bárány adds.

While the company is continuously growing, in recent years it has deliberately engaged in more active outside communications. This has kept not only the communications team busy: members of management are also responsible for contributing to efficient communication. A strong brand is also essential in increasing market share and improving the health of the business. “Our task is to show that professionalism and relentless work lie behind the excellent performance. Four things are needed for gas trading: physical/commercial positions, outstanding experts, financing and IT systems. However, the most important of all is the human factor,” Beatrix Staár said.

According to Katalin Bárány, the success of the company rests on the expertise of its staff. And it definitely is a success, as MET by now belongs to the club of leading energy traders in Europe.

Beyond international expansion and growth, new ideas are also needed. MET seeks to offer innovative solutions to its clients in its daily business practice, which can only be guaranteed by hiring the most highly skilled professionals. “We’re not only looking at who we select for our team, but also how the team can nurture future leaders who will help in conquering new areas,” the HR director said. She is proud of the fact that MET employs several women in executive positions, which is unusual in the energy business.

The company minds about finding talent in-house as well. MET cooperates with Corvinus University of Budapest, and participates in the CEMS program (Community of European Management Schools), which was launched by leading universities and businesses. MET also sponsors several foundations and charities with the aim of supporting talented young people.

Source: Figyelő