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MET Romania: Increasing energy costs lead investors to take measures to optimize consumption
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MET Romania: Increasing energy costs lead investors to take measures to optimize consumption

October 22, 2021
Corporate demand for consulting services and energy efficiency projects has been steadily increasing in the recent months, according to data from MET Romania Energy, the leading gas supplier to the commercial sector. The most requested service was an energy audit, used to identify the targets for improvement.

Source: Adevarul

Companies are also interested in new technologies that can help reduce energy consumption. Companies need to act to ensure sustainable development and remain competitive in the long term, according to MET Romania Energy representatives, a company that collaborates with leading companies in industries such as chemical, automotive, bakery and construction materials.

Along with consumption efficiency measures, MET Romania Energy advises decision-makers in companies to put special emphasis on predictability for energy supplies. This helps avoid the price variations in that market.

“We recommend that customers choose energy suppliers with well-thought-out risk policies. This allows them, first of all, to protect themselves from possible fluctuations in the market, and subsequently, to provide customers with price stability throughout the term of the contract,” said Florin Frunza, CEO of MET Romania Energy.

Energy audit


Optimization of energy consumption starts with detailed analysis of the current situation. The audit involves collecting data to identify and eliminate potential losses and taking measures to reduce future consumption.

Companies are required by law to conduct an energy audit every four years. However, an audit can be requested whenever they want to reduce consumption, increase productivity or reduce the environmental footprint.

MET Romania Energy has specific tools for this, such as thermography, and can provide up-to-date recommendations for minimal, linear consumption at the best costs.

Many of MET Romania Energy’s customers have taken simple measures with direct impact on costs, such as replacing lighting or air conditioning systems. Other companies have requested solutions that require advanced expertise, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems on and off grid, or with smart metering solutions. MET has a team of specialists dedicated to this.

Interest in renewable energy

A percentage of the energy delivered to consumers is produced from renewable sources. Its share can be negotiated individually with the energy supplier.

MET Romania is the first supplier in Romania to have obtained international NaturePower certification from TUV Rheinland, attesting the ability to provide consumers with 100% renewable energy with zero CO2 footprint. Thus, the company has a reliable and transparent system for tracking the quantities of energy purchased or supplied to final customers, including the consumer’s hourly consumption balance for all points of consumption versus the hourly production of contracted renewable energy.

Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources can boost investments in this area, and the presence of more players in the market will ultimately influence price dynamics and the quality of supply. The number of companies in Romania demanding more energy from renewable sources is growing, following international trends in reducing carbon footprint and creating a culture that promotes health and respect for nature.

Romanian producers vulnerable to rising energy prices

“Companies active in the operational area need energy efficient solutions to mitigate the risks arising from energy price volatility. This volatility can even affect a company’s cost structure by 15-20%,” estimates Florin Frunza. Delaying the implementation of energy efficiency measures will initially affect companies’ costs and cash flow, but may later lead to a loss of production, or market position.