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MET España: award for exponential growth in natural gas supply
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MET España: award for exponential growth in natural gas supply

March 3, 2021
The energy sector has played a key role in the eleven months since the start of the pandemic, and it will continue to do so during the recovery. Swiss-based MET Group has acquired a leading role in Europe in terms of gas, power and oil supply.

Source: La Razón

MET Energía España began its journey in August 2016 as a new natural gas trading company that offered services tailored to the individual needs of customers, making them feel heard in the closed and traditional gas market of this country. MET Energía España has become a point of reference in the sector, a stable supplier for its customers and a promising project for its employees.

It offers comprehensive solutions. “We adapt our price formulas to any index that our clients need. Furthermore, we take over the tasks imposed on consumers by Spanish regulations, thus reducing their bureaucratic burden,” explained CEO Carlos Losada. “We analyse consumption, and we inform them of the optimal logistics deal that we believe they can get, and we make it happen if the customer asks us to. It is in our corporate DNA to make them happy to have us as their supplier. Therefore, we have a constructive attitude towards any demand, even if it goes against the signed contract, and we always seek a solution,” he added.

This attitude translates as cost effectiveness for the clients. “When the consumers realize that this is real, the relationship becomes stronger, and we build longer lasting ties,” underlined Losada.

Payment facilitation

The pandemic has raised obstacles in practically all areas. Stopping all non-essential industries caused a 21% drop of consumption in April through June, and an 8% drop between July and December. The natural gas that they had secured earlier for their customers and which was arriving by ship could not be delivered in Spain, and therefore they had to sell it on the international market with average negative returns of EUR 7mn per ship. However, this did not affect the customers. Many businesses had to shut down and many could not meet their payments. “We helped our clients with customized payment plans and extraordinary agreements on late payments while having continuous access to natural gas,” said Carlos Losada.

We are slowly arriving to the complete reactivation of the economy. This will bring along growth in energy consumption, and the sector needs to be prepared. “The energy sector will be there, meeting the energy demands of the society in every way, and supporting growth at the pace and with the flexibility that this country will require,” said the CEO of MET Energía España. Over its history this company has been characterized by effort, hard work, commitment to excellence and the service to its clients. All this has allowed it to begin growing from its very first day, and the pandemic will not hold it back in achieving its goals.

In 2017, only one trimester after its establishment, the company was able to sign contracts worth EUR 70mn, thus placing itself among the top 15 natural gas marketers in Spain. In 2018 it reached a turnover of EUR 203mn and joined the group of the top 10 largest operators. “In 2019 our turnover was 320 million, and in 2021 we are expecting to double our client base and to continue growing,” underlined Losada.

New projects at the service of customers

Services with thousands of customers must be adapted to their needs and have to be supported by the appropriate systems. Thus, MET Energía España has widened the scope of its ERP and CRM. It has implemented new systems for collections, billing, customer support, remote balance management, etc. Furthermore, the company has been equipped with a system that allows all of its employees to work from their homes.

As for new projects, the company receiving the Award for Exponential Growth in Natural Gas Supply wants to strengthen its presence in the household sector, increasing its market share. To achieve this, it will launch an innovative online solution project that will include new services and intuitive interaction with its customers. Also, it will enter the electricity market to offer more complete energy solutions.