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Mario Matkovic: Opening up opportunity
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Mario Matkovic: Opening up opportunity

April 25, 2022
Mario Matkovic, MET Group, Croatia, considers the impact of volatile LNG prices, as well as discussing how the Krk terminal in Croatia is helping to bring a new era of energy independence to the country.

Over the past year, energy prices have become increasingly correlated, in particular LNG and natural gas.

This is particularly true in the current energy crisis where prices are on an upward trend – as one price is climbing, the other tends to move in the same direction. So, as gas prices are breaking new all-time highs month after month, it continues to affect LNG pricing.

In addition, in the case of Europe, LNG not only acts as a security of gas supply but also as a political lever to alter the negotiation dynamics between suppliers and buyers in the region.

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