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An inside look at MET Group
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An inside look at MET Group

February 9, 2017
We paid a visit to the headquarters of MET Holding, an energy trading company with Hungarian roots but growing international presence. While hardly a metropolis, the town of Zug is the capital of Switzerland’s smallest canton of the same name and is one of the most important hubs of global energy trade.

New regions, new products – as part of a strategy to change its image as an inward-looking gas trading company, far from the limelight and focusing on Hungary alone, the ten-year-old MET Group is persistently expanding its footprint with elan. At the beginning of February, it opened wide the doors of its headquarters in the Swiss city of Zug to show a group of four Hungarian journalists how life goes on in the heart of the firm.

You can read the full article of Figyelő business weekly here.

You can read the original Hungarian version here.