Bence Novák

Member of the Executive Board / MET Holding AG

Bence Novák is the Group Chief Strategy Officer of the energy company MET Group and is based in Baar, Switzerland.

Mr. Novák is responsible for strategy and business development in MET. Prior to becoming Group Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Novák held various top management positions in MET Group - Group Chief Sales Officer, Group Chief of Staff, CEO of MET Hungary.

Before joining MET Group, Mr. Novák gained broad experience in the international oil and gas sector, with a focus on business development, gas and power wholesale & sales and natural gas storage.

Professional experience before MET Group

  • Director of Gas Wholesale and Portfolio Management at MOL Group, responsible for natural gas supply for certain MOL Group entities, and for governing and controlling the gas wholesale & sales portfolio of MOL Group subsidiaries in Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Austria and Romania.

  • CEO at MMBF Natural Gas Storage Ltd., development and construction of the storage facility

  • Director of Trading and Business Development at MMBF, responsible for sales of storage capacities and other hydrocarbons

  • Novák also held positions at MOL Group as Advisor to the MOL Group CEO (focusing on upstream and gas businesses) and as Regional Manager of the Upstream Division (FSU and Europe, focusing on acquisitions and divestitures).

Education and personal background

  • MSC as an economist from the Budapest University of Economics (Corvinus), Hungary
  • Master of International Management from the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education Program
  • Scholarship at the State University of New York, New York, USA and at the University of Cologne, Germany
  • Novák holds a Hungarian passport, he is a native speaker of Hungarian, fluent in English and German.