MET Group’s operation started out in Hungary in 2007 in the natural gas retail and wholesale sector benefiting from the market liberalization starting in 2004. Although MET Group still has key market positions in Hungary, its operation has gradually shifted to the neighbouring countries, where the company is organically building up its positions benefitting the respective market openings.

In 2013 MET Group entered the power segment and as a multi-commodity trader in order to capitalise on cross-commodity opportunities.

MET Group is active in wholesale gas trading in the European market, as well as in natural gas retail sales to industrial customers in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia.

MET Group is present in eight countries via subsidiaries, 14 national gas markets and 12 European gas hubs. These positions are optimized in our company based in Switzerland and commodity risk is managed on our own trading floor, which is also in Switzerland.

MET Group has been consistently building up its market share utilizing its fast and flexible decision-making competence and agility. MET Group’s mission is to become a leading market player by implementing innovation in the traditional European energy markets.

Our continuous desire to learn, our entrepreneurial spirit and adaptive approach provide the main basis for helping our clients and counterparts to overcome operative and strategic challenges, thus adding significant value to them. Our success relies on our core values (I) to understand our counterparts and (II) to produce tailor-made business solutions fitting their needs (III) based on our flexible market positions (IV) in a swift way.