MET Group is present in natural gas trading, wholesale and retail on the European market. MET International is focused on international, mainly cross-border, natural gas trading and wholesale, and is active on more than a dozen major trading points.  MET Croatia, MET Hungary, MET Romania, MET Slovakia and MET Spain serve natural gas customers within those countries, with a focus on meeting the supply needs of industrial and commercial customers, while MET GEM represents the Group in South Eastern Europe in cooperation with MET Serbia, MET Turkey and MET Ukraine.

MET Group controls significant natural gas transportation capacity both through and within its active markets, as well as sizeable natural gas storage capacity, in order to ensure security of supply for its customers and to enable attractive and flexible pricing models.

MET Group prides itself on its innovation and speed, and is eager to understand and meet the needs of both new and existing counterparts. 

MET Group companies active in natural gas:  

metinternational.png methungary.png metromania.png metslovakia.png metcroatia.png metgem.png metsrb.png ua-met.png metturkey.png metaustria.png e2-hungary-kft-hexa.png metespana.pngmet-lithuania-uab-hexa.png