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Energate interview about MET Germany
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Energate interview about MET Germany

December 10, 2020
From time to time there are real surprises. The market entrance to German energy sales market by the Swiss MET Group is one of these surprises.

On October 20, MET Germany was founded. The managing directors are the two former Gas-Union managers Jörg Selbach-Röntgen and Tobias Meyer. Mr Selbach-Röntgen worked until October 2020 as a key-account manager for Gas-Union. He was with the company eleven years. Mr Meyer was in charge of Gas-Union’s portfolio management and trading for ten years. He already left the company in March this year (ener|gate Gasmarkt 03/20). If one remembers that the MET Group made a joint bid with OGE for Gas-Union – as a sufficient number of sources confirm – (ener|gate Gasmarkt 08-09/20), the step is no longer that surprising.

ener|gate Gasmarkt talked to Mr Selbach-Röntgen and the Deputy CEO of MET Group, Jan Massmann, about the market entry and MET’s market perception.

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