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Bei uns fährt keiner einen Ferrari

Neue Zuger Zeiting – Die Rohstoffpreise sind im Keller. Wie gehts da einem Rohstoffhändler, der gerne Gas gibt? Die Antworten sind überraschend. Und relativieren ein Klischee.
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2016. 03. 21.

MET International sets up LNG trading desk as supply booms

Switzerland-based MET International AG is taking the plunge into liquefied natural gas (LNG) trading just as new supply from the United States and Australia makes the fuel more plentiful and affordable.
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2016. 03. 10.

MET story built on talent

Echoing other success stories, MET Group, which is now present in 10 countries, was started in 2007 by just a few people with entrepreneurial spirit. While its staff by now numbers more than 300, the multinational energy trading company managed to retain the flexibility and speed typical of smaller businesses.
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2015. 10. 05.

Gas trading from the East

Interview with Benjamin Lakatos – L'Agefi, 30 June 2015 Translation of the original French article “Setting up a base in Switzerland is one of my best decisions”
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2015. 06. 30.

‘Viktor Orbán has nothing to do with this company’ - MET chief Lantos in interview, 11 June 2015 – The success of MET and its rise into the mid-tier of European energy traders can be attributed to an earlier insight of former MOL experts who realized that gas market trends are about to change decisively, Csaba Lantos, chairman of the board at the Switzerland-based holding company of MET told Portfolio in an interview. The businessman also discussed the HAG contract, the acquisition of power plant operator Dunamenti Erőmű and the company's plans for the future,...
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2015. 06. 11.

If you are not growing, you are dying

Budapest Business Journal, 27 March 2015 – The following article was written by Roland Keller, Business Optimisation Expert I recently needed to buy a new food cooler for a camping trip I was about to go on.  As a big supporter to local industry, I happily went to the local shop to purchase a cooler. What I found was something that shocked me.
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2015. 04. 24.

Formula 1 of Energy Industry

Budapest Business Journal, 27 March 2015 – Article by Balázs Zempléni, Director of Wholesale and Business Development at MET Power Hungary LLC. What does it take to win the Formula 1 championship? A perfect composition of professionals, strategy, dynamic teamwork, IT background and continuous innovation of cutting edge technology that increases speed, efficiency, reliability and the ability of immediate reaction. It’s no different in the energy sector, other than a bit less fanfare when...
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2015. 03. 27.

Nothing fell into our lap

Interview with Benjamin Lakatos, MET Group CEO –  Figyelő business weekly, 29 January 2015 Translation of the original Hungarian article
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2015. 01. 29.

Power companies have little room left for more price cuts

Interview with Balázs Lehőcz, CEO MET Power Group – Napi Gazdaság, 15 December 2014 Translation from the original Hungarian
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2014. 12. 15.

The true story of the big gas deal

Interview with Gergey Szabó, CEO MET Hungary – Figyelő, 11 December 2014 Translation from the original Hungarian  
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2014. 12. 11.
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